MMH- Me, Myself and Him! is borne out of a passion for fashion and African fabrics

Bold and unique colors and patterns to express my love for God, life, and my beloved Africa.

But more than the love of color is my deep love for my clients—that would be you. One-of-a-kind pieces (just like you) … one size fits all! When it’s gone it’s gone, so make your unique selection today!

Life is fluid… Always Moving… Unpredictable… Never Static… Life is Unconstructed!

For far too long I dressed in Black. It was easy to mix and match when I traveled. But now I celebrate color like never before!
I had so much fun handpicking each fabric and seeing it come to life in my designs. The line is called “Unconstructed” to embrace the richness of movement, ease, and flow in garments that embrace the body in a fluid fashion. This is my official celebration of all things feminine. The magnificence and mystery of who you are… go with the flow and leave others to guess what lies beneath…